The Smelly Fish

Picture and Story by Emily W. Age 11

Once in a small schoolhouse there was a fish. This fish was a fish that came out of the sea and it was very smelly. Do you know why it is smelly? Well, it all started when it was born its mother and father were called "Smelly Fish". They are very rare and he happened to be the only one left. SO one day a little girl said to her teacher "Why does this fish look so lonely" The teacher responded "Because he is a "Smelly Fish"." Another little girl came up ans said "Is he really smelly?" The teacher said " No, But some people think they are and that is why nobody likes them." When all the children grew up and went to college, there sat the smelly fish just as lonely as can be. The teacher was alot older now so she thought to let the little fish go. One day the teacher took the little fish to the sea and droped him in there. Off he swam just as happy as he could be. After a couple days he bagan to get lonley again. He met some other fish but they didn't stick around very long. Until one day he saw a group of fish and said "Hi, can I play?" The other fish said "No, we don't play with SMELLY FISH!!" They went away laughing and left smelly fish crying. He wailed "Why does every one hate me!" So off he went then he finally got the courage to go stand up for himself. He shouted to the same group of fish he had seen the other day "You fish are nothing but mean bullys, I'm not really smelly I just have that name because some people think i am smelly because i'm brown and green!" The other fish said "So, i'm just following the crowd." Later on he saw a fish that looked just like him and she looked a little lonely too. So he went over and said "Hi" The other fish said "Hi" Then he said "want to play with me?" She said "OK" So smelly fish found a playmate to play with and he lived happily ever after!

The End


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