The Long Tiger

Picture and Story by Emily W. Age 11

There was a little boy named Timothy and he loved tigers. He had a roomful of tiger posters. and plastic figures of tigers. Timothy lived around where tigers lived, But he never saw one up close. One day he went out to search for a tiger where he never looked before. Suddenly, he heard a low growl coming from behind a rock. Timothy knew what it was, But he didn't know if it was growling at him or what. He looked behind the rock. There was sleeping and dreaming... TIGER!!!! Timothy wanted to scream but all that came out was a little "screech." "Wait a minute." Timothy said. That's not an ordinary tiger it's a LONG tiger! He got even more excited. Then the tiger woke up and asked "What are you doing here, Human?" Timothy said "I'm sorry (pause) "You can talk?" The long tiger annoyed, responded "Yeah Yeah, Just go away, PLEASE" "Okay, But Why are you so long?"Timothy asked "Is there a story?" The tiger said " Yes, there is a story and are you sure you want to hear it?" "I'm sure" Timothy responded The tiger said," Here it goes." " When I was born my mom died and my dad didn't like me that much. So my dad went away for a long time and never came back. I was alone now. It was miraculous how I survived. I was told that other animals came and fed me. Later a Wise baboon came towards me and asked me " Do you want to be as long as a 10-foot pole and as strong as an elephant?" I said "sure" He gave me a funny looking thing (which was really a magic banana) and he forced me to eat it.The first day I was as long as a snake. the second day I was as long as 1 foot pole. The third day I was as long as a 10 foot pole. "So, that's how I became long, Happy?" The tiger said. Then Timothy said "Yes, Thank you." Then Timothy went back home. The tiger went back to sleep behind the rock to dream it's wonderful dream again.


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