The Glass House

Picture and Story by Emily W. Age 11

Once upon a time a Queen named Hanya ruled a country far out of this land. The Queen had a glass castle but she covered it up with golden bricks. There was a little girl named Venci and she wondered why the queen covered her castle with golden bricks. She said, "Maybe they didn't like the glass but they didn't want to waste money trying to take it down that they just put gold bricks over the castle." Venci decided to go up to the Queen and ask why she covered up her castle with bricks. But first she had to ask for permission. So she did and she told the guards "Plese let me in because i need to ask the Queen about her castle." Venci said. "If you must." said the guard. As she walked down the hallway she looked down all the way to the Queen's throne. Venci said "Your magesty, may I ask about your castle?" "You may." said the Queen. Venci said kind of fast "Why do you cover your glass castle with golden bricks?" The Queen responded "Queens need privacy too, Don't they?" Well, I must be going now, goodbye!" Venci yelled back as she was running like a thunderbolt out of the castle. "Well, I guess they do need privacy!!" Venci thought to herself. Later on, the Queen said to her guards "Why did you let that..... GIRL in, can'y she see that this is a plain ol' house and not a castle!?" "I guess not." Said the guards nevoursly. Later, Venci was still running and just as she got onto her yard a little person stepped in front of her and said "Why did you go to the queen?" "I just wanted to know why the queen covered her glass castle with golden bricks." Venci said whom almost fainted. "Say, you didn't that the queen didn't live in a castle, it is just a house." Said the little person. Venci asked "But why is it so big?" The little person said "She's a queen, queens don't have to live in castles, they can live in houses if they want." "Really?" said Venci. " I have to go now." Said Venci. "Ok." said the little person. Venci asked all of her friends and neighbors if this was true. Some knew and some didn't. It was time to go home now and Venci was exhausted. She went in her house and went fast asleep and started dreaming about being the queen of the far away land.

The End


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